We Met As Strangers is a collaborative project between Katie and researcher/writer Maryanne Saunders, who have a mutual love of 19th Century poet Mathilde Blind. The project consists of artistic and written responses to Blind's poetry, and the full project can be seen at @wemetasstrangers.

We Met as Strangers is the title of one of Mathilde Blind’s many poems, it is also reflective of how this project began. Shortly before the nationwide lockdown we (Katie - an artist and Maryanne - a researcher and writer) stumbled upon Blind’s grave at the St Pancras and Islington Cemetery in London. The ethereal stone angels caught our attention and as we began to learn about the woman commemorated we realised that Blind - with her boldness, unorthodoxy and unashamed longing, was a perfect companion for times ahead. Join us on this journey as we respond to and interact with her poetry and life...

The Heather On Fire (Duan Second), 2020

The Heather On Fire (Duan First), 2020

The Forest Pool, 2020

On A Viola D'Amore, 2020

The New Proserpine, 2020

On Reading The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám In A Kentish Rose Garden, 2020

The Mystic's Vision, 2020

Nuit, 2020

Between Sleeping and Waking, 2020